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    Our experts have taken time to carefully review each of the leading home security system companies and compared them against each other to help consumers quickly understand the differences between each company.

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    When it comes to home security systems, there are plenty of security system companies to choose from. Our home security system experts have selected the top 5 security system companies for consumers to compare when shopping.

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    Security System Reviews

    Our experts have created comprehensive security system reviews for the leading home security system companies. The reviews allow consumers to quickly understand what each company has to offer and includes comparisons against other companies.

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    Why Compare Security Systems ?

    When you’re shopping for a home security system, our experts highly recommend taking time to compare security system companies. Our experts have made comparing security systems a quick and seamless process with detailed security system comparisons of the leading companies. Understanding the differences between each company can greatly reduce the chances of purchasing a security system from the wrong company.

    Tips When Comparing Security Systems:

    Stick to Recommended Security System Companies

    When searching for a new home security system consumers tend to be overwhelmed by all the options.  Reading security system reviews about recommended security system companies can save you a lot of time.  Once you have read reviews of the top security companies you can use this information to compare security systems and make an informed decision.

    What are the recommended security system companies?  They are companies such as FrontPoint Security, LifeShield, and ADT as well as many others from our full list of home security companies.  Be sure to read our reviews and home security system comparisons to get all the information you need.

    Stay Away From Smaller Local Security System Companies

    Local home security companies sounds like a good thing.  Plenty of consumers like to shop locally to help the community.  However, when it comes to protecting your home it’s important to find the best security company you can.  Many local security companies are adequate, but there is always the chance they could go out of business, don’t have the latest technology, or won’t have the means to provide instant service if something goes wrong.  They’re often more expensive too.

    Nationwide home security companies like the ones listed here on are the absolute best in the business and will keep your home protected for years to come; plus it’s much easier to find security system reviews and security system comparisons of the top companies.  Lastly, you can also find a great home security system for a reasonable price.

    Compare Security System Companies Against Each Other

    A home security system comparison is one of the best tools for finding the best home security system for you and your family.  You can compare things such as security system pricing, customer service, technology, and installation method.  You can find out if one company offers wireless security systems or hard-wired.  Learn about do it yourself security systems versus technician installations, and a whole lot more.

    Do yourself a favor and compare home security systems right here at to find the best home security system to protect you and yours.

    Pick Up the Phone and Call Each Company

    One of the best ways to learn more about a home security system or company is to call them.  We provide contact information for the best security companies so you can contact them for a quote.  This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, compare security system prices, and learn about installation and warranties.

    These days’ consumers tend to dislike contacting companies by phone for fear of long waits or pushy salespeople.  The best security system companies have home security system specialists available at all times and will assist you through the process as opposed to pushing you to a sale.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call.

    Don’t Shop on Price Alone!

    When conducting your own security system comparison is easy to get caught up on price.  While the cost of a home security system is certainly a major factor it should not be the primary factor that drives your decision.  Also think about the technology, such as home automation, cellular monitoring, or wireless security systems.  Think about the possible savings on energy bills or a discount on your homeowners insurance.  There are a number of factors to keep in mind.

    In short, it’s important to look at the overall value of a company and system as opposed to one aspect of the company.  A full security systems comparison requires that you take more than one aspect into account.

    Don’t Be Scared to Ask Questions

    When you call your top security companies for more details they don’t expect you to know everything already.  At we do our absolute best to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice, but it’s inevitable that you’ll have more questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about price, warranty, or security system discounts.  If you have a question, ask it.  You’ll feel better knowing you got all your questions answered before making your purchase.

    Search for Security System Coupons and Current Promotions

    Everyone loves a great discount and security system companies are well known for offering security system coupons and other promotions.  After you read security system reviews and compare security systems you should look around for some coupons or discounts on sites such as this.  You can also get a great discount by calling the security system company and asking about any current promotions.

    Don’t Be Shy About Asking For a Deal

    You won’t get a great discount on a home security system if you don’t ask for it.  Companies will sometimes offer the promotion off the bat or advertise it in plain view but if you’re unaware of the discount and don’t ask there is a possibility you’ll pay more than you have to.

    So after you’ve made your security system comparisons and decided to call a few companies remember to ask for a discount or about the current promotions.  It’s the absolute best way to get a great deal on a home security system.

    Look for Security System Companies with 100% Cellular Monitoring

    Cellular security system monitoring is the best type of monitoring you can have.  It’s easily the safest and most reliable form of monitoring out there compared to the other common types like phone line monitoring or broadband monitoring.  When you are doing your research you should only compare home security systems that are capable of using cellular if you want the best security system for your home.

    Look For Companies With High Quality Equipment

    Most of the top security system companies are now offering the latest wireless security systems and high tech equipment.  The best part is the equipment and new technology makes things easier on the homeowner.  For instance, many companies are now offering do-it-yourself security systems for simpler and less time consuming installation.  Companies also offer services such as home automation to help you save money on energy bills and stay on top of your home’s energy usage.

    All in all, security system equipment is the lifeblood of your system.  You want high quality equipment that works when you need it and will last a long time.  Home security companies with equipment from top manufacturers like GE and Honeywell will keep you protected for many years to come.

    Factor In Services Such As Surveillance or Home Automation

    Until recently wireless security cameras were thought of as a thing of the future.  Now you can purchase affordable wireless cameras with your home security system and keep tabs on your home from anywhere at any time.  Home automation is another feature that has been made easier for homeowners.  Security system companies like FrontPoint Security, ADT, Protect America, and Vivint are leading the charge by offering homeowners affordable and easy to use home automation devices.

    A home security system isn’t just a home security system anymore, it can be so much more.  When making your home security system comparisons make sure to factor in services such as home automation and surveillance if you want those features.

    Narrow Your List Of Companies To Three Or Less

    As we said before there are a lot of options when it come to home security and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  A simple way to nullify this is to narrow your list of security system companies to three or less after you’ve made your initial security system comparison.  This will allow you to focus on just a few companies that you really like and will save you some time as well.

    Again, make sure to compare home security systems, narrow your list to three or less, then start making calls to the security companies of your choice.  You’ll be on your way to having the best security system for your home and you’ll feel good about your choice.

    Choose A Monitoring Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle & Budget

    Home security monitoring is more than just monitoring these days.  Not only do the best home security companies monitor for burglary, fire, and medical emergencies they also give you the power to control your system from your smartphone or computer.  Online & remote access to your security system has changed the way people interact with their system and their homes.  Did you forget to arm the system when you left for work?  No problem, you can do from your phone.  Want to turn on the thermostat or the foyer light before you walk in the door?  No sweat.

    All of these features can be added to your monthly monitoring plan and many companies have different options ranging from basic monitoring to advanced monitoring including home automation and surveillance.  It’s important to mark down what’s important to you when making your security system comparison and choosing the right plan.

    Remember That You Can Add More Devices Later

    The best security system is one that fits your needs and budget while protecting your home safely and reliably.  Many homeowners want all the bells and whistles when they first purchase their home security system.  What many don’t know is that wireless security systems allow you to add devices easily well after the initial installation.  For instance, many customers will start out with basic security needs by covering door and window access then add home automation or other devices and services later when their budget allows.

    Of course if you can afford to splurge a little and get everything you want at once then go for it!  However, don’t think that everything must be purchased initially because you can always add devices later.  This is also a great way to compare home security system device offerings.

    Know The Difference Between Wireless & Hard Wired

    It’s much easier to compare security systems if you know the differences in terminology.  For instance, wireless security systems vs. hard wired security systems.  Of course, a wireless security system is one that does not have any wires between the sensors or Control Panel and uses radio signals to communicate.  A hard-wired system uses wires to communicate signals from devices to the Control Panel.

    The installation process for wireless systems is usually inexpensive, simple, and less time consuming; and many companies now offer do it yourself installation.  The installation process for a hard-wired system can be expensive and time consuming and will require a technician at your home.

    Know The Difference Between Cellular And Other Monitoring Types

    Security system comparisons would be much simpler if every company offered the same thing.  Unfortunately that’s not the case, but it’s much easier if you know the difference between monitoring types and why they cost what they do.  Cellular monitoring is the most reliable form of home security monitoring.  It doesn’t require any wiring that can potentially be cut by an intruder and doesn’t rely on an Internet connection.

    All that is required to have a cellular security system is general cellular service in your area.  In short, if you have a signal on your personal cell phone then it is more than likely you’ll be able to install a security system with cellular monitoring capabilities.  Remember to compare security system monitoring types and costs when making your decision.

    Use Home Security System Comparisons To Your Advantage

    Home security systems comparisons are a great way to find the best security system from the top companies.  You can look at two or more companies side by side to see what the main differences are between them including costs, customer services, and installation methods among many other factors.  You can use this information to narrow down your list of companies and then compare them side-by-side as well.

    In the end the best tools you have in your arsenal when looking for a home security system are security system review and security system comparisons.  Make sure to read them carefully and take some notes!

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